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Frequently Asked Question

  • What are the benefits of installing a security alarm system in my home or business?

    There are many benefits to installing a security system and we can personalize these benefits to your specific needs. Whether you are wanting to be alerted to someone being at your home and protecting your family or tracking what time your store opened and closed by your employees. Also, most insurance companies offer a discount for having a monitored alarm system and can save you 10-20% on your homeowners or business insurance.

  • How does smart home and business automation integrate with security systems?

    Smart home and business integration helps you protect your property anywhere in the world from an app and set automations through our smart secure hub. Imagine being able to create the illusion that someone is home or could give temporary or restricted access to your home or business remotely.

  • What are the advantages of choosing wireless video surveillance over traditional wired systems?

    Wireless video system is a cost-effective way to integrate smart AI events to alert you to specific events that you want. Wireless cameras use Wi-Fi and store clips to the cloud creating a single app solution to your video through the same app as your alarm and smart home integration. Wi-Fi cameras can tie to commands from your alarm and send you specific alerts.

  • Can you explain the difference between hardwired and surveillance video systems?

    Hardwired video surveillance systems bring you power, clarity, 24/7 recording and do not require internet to have recording. Since the recording is done onsite, you generally will not have a monthly subscription to pay for video storage. These are the most reliable cameras and range from 2mp-4k camera options that can see up to 650ft in complete darkness.

  • How does wellness and safety monitoring work in a security system?

    Much like smart home integration, wellness can track your elderly or sick loved one. With pressure pads for sitting or for the bed, you can monitor activity. Tie this with our wellness camera that can alert you to a simple call out for help from your loved one. Emergency pendants are available and monitored so you know if your loved one is in distress and needs immediate assistance, in fact, well get emergency service on their way!

  • What features should I look for in a modern security alarm system?

    Your typical system will want to protect your entry and exit doors and have a motion sensor in a high traffic area. Today, you will want to consider protecting glass shatter on your back full light door, or an egress window where someone can easily hide and work their way in. Other things to consider are your garage and how you will protect that as this is the most common intrusion and most homes do not have a deadbolt lock securing their door coming in from the garage.

  • How can a security system help protect my home or business from burglaries and break-ins?

    The first step to deterring someone is letting them know you are protected. Our “Protected by Reliant LLC” signs are a great way to get someone to move on. Integration of active deterrence cameras are a great way to let someone know they are on camera and being recorded. Active deterrence cameras give a simple greeting, sound or alert when someone comes in the field of view.

  • What are some smart automation options available for enhancing security?

    There are several options to help light your home conveniently even if you are away on vacation. We could alert you if you left your home and the garage door was left open, and my person favorite, electronic deadbolt locks. All of these smart devices can have routines such as, every night at 10pm the system will arm in stay mode, close your garage door, lock your deadbolt locks and even adjust your lighting.

  • How reliable are wireless video surveillance systems in terms of signal strength and connectivity?

    Wireless video requires 3 things to be optimal. The first is having power to the camera, battery or solar cameras sleep to reserve battery and lose Wi-Fi connectivity easier thus meaning you did not get the important video you needed. The second is a strong Wi-Fi network. Most homes will have great Wi-Fi connectivity inside your home, but outdoor cameras are going outdoors. We need to make sure that you have at least 80% signal connectivity outside your home or business and using a mesh network will optimize network traffic. Last is your internet coming into your home or business. These cameras require an internet connection to upload videos to a server offsite, we recommend a minimum of 2mbps of upload speed per camera you are choosing to install. Keep in mind, usually we talk about our download speed and not the upload, your upload is typically 10-15% of your download unless you have fiber.

  • Are there any specific regulations or standards for security system installations in my area?

    There are areas that require a permit and/or an annual permit for emergency service to respond. Many businesses may have municipality and insurance requirements depending on the type of work you do.

  • What steps should I take to integrate my security system with other smart devices?

    There are so many options for smart devices and automation, and you could get stuck using several apps that do not integrate with each other. At Reliant Security, we do the homework for you to ensure that your system will integrate with each other and provide a one app experience.

  • Can I monitor my security system remotely, and if so, what are the options available?

    Each security system installed today has an app that will allow you to set custom notifications, actions or rules and make changes on the fly if you have a smart device with an internet connection. Additionally, we monitor your system when it’s armed, so you don’t have to worry about always keeping an eye out.

  • How does surveillance video footage storage work, and what options do I have for accessing recorded footage?

    Wireless video surveillance will typically store to a cloud service that you pay a subscription for. Generally, this service will store 30 days of clips and automatically delete day 31. You will have access through an easy-to-use app to live view, find recording and download or save a recording. Hardwired video surveillance will have a recorder onsite with hard drives storing your recordings. Your video can be stored for however long you want by adding hard drive space. We shoot for a 30-day 24/7 recording schedule, and you would have remote app access to view these as well as onsite with a tv or monitor connected to the recorder.

  • What type of maintenance is required for security alarm and surveillance systems?

    In most cases, little maintenance is required. Both systems can download firmware upgrades and power cycles as needed, they automatically offload video and give you access to maintain them from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. Physical maintenance might require cleaning the camera lens if dirt, debris, or insects have found their way onto the lens.

  • Are there any additional features or add-ons that I should consider for a comprehensive security solution?

    You may want to consider access to your home or business. Traditionally we had people’s keys or hide a key to let someone in. By doing this, you have no control over who may be coming into your home or business and how many keys may have been duplicated without your knowledge. In today’s world, we can hand out specific code for certain times/ days that access should be had. We can hand out codes that automatically expire so you do not have to worry about changing the code or more traditionally, getting a key back.